Step 1

A Fashionable Sponsor

We understand that for many of us, taking on the responsibility of sponsoring a child can be difficult.

Therefore, we have created the simplest, most stylish way to directly sponsor a child.

By simply purchasing a better6 product, you help a child in need by providing access to healthcare, education, shelter, food, and water.

Leave to us. We will pair you up with a companion who will receive your contribution. Check your inbox for their name and photo. You can use the companion portal to send them letters, simply say hello, and start building a relationship.

Step 2

A Mark Of Your Gratitude

To symbolize the ever lasting difference you have created, and a step towards growth, we plant a tree, in you and your companion's name with every purchase.

We send you a certificate, and location of your tree. Watch it grow.

You have now created better. Just like your tree, you have helped start something great for someone in need.

Your Certificate

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