What Is Better6?

Better6 is more than just a clothing brand. We combine fashion, advocacy, and sponsorships to maximize impact. We use our products to create a difference in the world around us. This enables us to reach out to some of our most vulnerable communities, and help out. Our brand focuses on internal and external growth and evolution, emphasizing the importance of both, in order to shape the future of our dreams. It is up to us as individuals, and as a community to make tomorrow's better a reality.

About Our Brand

Our core values make up our brand culture, and provide us with a platform to execute our mission.
These values are applicable both inter personally, and externally. Better.

Our 6 Core Values


What do we want to change?  How can we make tomorrow better than today?


Can we imagine a world with the changes we need? Would we be stronger? Happier? 


What can we do to achieve our new goal? Can we create a plan? Can we follow through?


Small or big, now that we have envisioned tomorrow, it is up to us to put things in motion.


Different mindsets, different approaches, different experiences. This is where our new reality begins to unfold.


The final stage of betterment, is growth. Celebrate it, and watch it open doors for an even better tomorrow.

We apply our core values in 6 different areas that we think, require our attention. Our approach includes advocacy, and as mentioned above, sponserships. Our sponsorship program allows us to directly help sponsor children in need all over the world.

We Target The Following 6 Areas In Our Sponsorship Program.


Access to appropriate healthcare, health education, vaccinations, and medicine.


Access to healthy and nutritious foods, daily, as well as creating sustainable supplies of food.


Access to clean and safe drinking water, as well as development of sustainable water sources.


Access to appropriate, safe, and efficient shelter, combating child homelessness globally. 


Access to school supplies, educational books, and teachers to empower and educate children.


Create a positive environmental impact with a tree planted for each purchase and sponsorship.

The number of children we are able to sponsor depends on available resources. We work with and through various humanitarian organizations to make these programs possible. Each time you purchase and wear a Better6 product, we move one step closer to ending child poverty, and creating a better tomorrow.

Better You. Better US.

This is our world to shape. Lets make it better.

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